Online Access Information


Indexed data without images, is available to the general public online. The document indexing information will provide the grantor/grantee, recording date and book and page number. The system updates and provides easy accessibility to link records.

Link to indexed data:

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Access to the internet records with images are available online

Searches are unlimited. Opening/viewing/printing is limited to the option selected.


New registrations must be done with either option please choose one of the links below. Please register and confirm your email to get it to work properly.


Payments must be made to the office before access is turned on. Please submit a check or call the office to make a payment over the phone.


Option #1: $250 per month (1 year contract) limited to 300 documents






Option #2: $25 per month (no contract) limited to 10 documents




Option #3: $125 per month (no contract) limited to 100 documents



Notification services are available. The iRecordWeb Notification Service allows you to be notified when a document is recorded matching your pre-defined search criteria. You must be registered to use this function.







Contact the Johnson County Recorder’s Office at 660.747.6811 for additional information.