Guidelines for Obtaining a Marriage License



Marriage license applications are taken from 8:30 AM through 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday, except legal holidays.


Both parties must appear together to complete the application.


Marriage License fee: 



A valid driver's license or other form of photo ID is required. 


The marriage license will be issued immediately upon completion of the application, unless the license is being applied for more than 30 days in advance of the wedding date.  If this is the case, the application may remain on file in this office for up to 6 months before the marriage license has to be picked up.


The person performing the ceremony is required by law to have the marriage license before the ceremony.  


Your license is valid for thirty (30) days starting the day it is issued. After that date the license is no longer valid and may not be used.  (RSMo 451.040)


The marriage license must be returned to the Recorder's offfice from which it was issued within 15 days after the marriage.  Failure to make such return is a misdemeanor.  The license used or not used must be returned to our office.



* If either party is unable to appear in the Recorder's Office to apply, due to Military Service, ADA Qualifying Disability or Incarceration, an Affidavit of Absent Application may be provided.


For questions, please contact the Recorder's Office @ 660.747.6811.






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